Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Will Lose

This is where I poop the party –If the last ten years have taught the world anything, it’s that terrorism can never be stopped, let’s not kid ourselves. Oh, it can be delayed…it can be delayed, but there is always someone else at some other location who is next in line and willing to give their lives to destroy a few more in the name of extreme-religious views. Let’s not have any misconceptions about that.

It can be years since the last terrorist attack; we can think that we’ve somehow won the battle against extremism, or at least reduced the risk, we can send every suspect to US soil to be tortured and/or gunned down for the world to see, we can start manufacturing commercial aircraft so that you can only enter the cockpit from the outside, we can do that, we can remove bins from our train stations, we can remove every fucking trash can in this country, and there will still be some idiot with a bomb in his hand and a convoluted idea in his head with plenty more places he can hide himself and a packet of explosives. In clearer terms, if somebody has the will to do something, they will do it. That doesn’t just apply to terrorists either, that’s everybody. The only thing separating them from a petty criminal, though, and prepare yourself for the part that frightens me, is that a terrorist is willing to die. Iwan Darmawan, who was one of two who helped plan the bombing of the Australian Embassy in Indonesia back in 2004 and has been sentenced to face the firing squad, still is yet to show any contrition for the lives that he destroyed six years ago. If anything, him and his accomplice, Ahmad Hasan – also on death row, show pride in what they did, and more importantly, pride in dying for it. Recently, Darmawan said in a news report "God willing, I will die as a mujahideen [holy warrior],". Why we will lose this battle is because, you can quite possibly stop a criminal with threats of punishment, but once a person is willing to die, there is no longer anything in their minds that can get in there way.

I apologise for being blunt but it’s the ugly truth and it needs to be said. I once had the subconscious naïve birth of thought that we would once be able to overthrow terrorist activity, but I’ve realised that when you’re dealing with this type of mentality that is so abundantly embraced, that just isn’t a possibility. Australia haven’t been attacked since the Hilton Hotel in Sydney, and that was thirty years ago, but that isn’t because of an improvement in intelligence services or anything, it’s by choice, let’s just hope, knock on wood, that the day when they do choose to attack us never comes.

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