Monday, October 4, 2010

'Be Faithful': The Summary

In order, this is Fatman Scoop’s ‘Be Faithful’ summarised into point-form:
  • If I have a $5, $2 or $1 note, I may not put my hands up.
  • Fatman Scoop has selective-hearing.
  • Some screaming about oral sex without anybody really knowing it's about oral sex.
  • Faith Evans was previously unaware of a love like this.
  • Ugly females are not allowed to sing-along to Faith Evans.
  • Fatman Scoop has an interest in astrology.
  • I should watch where I’m walking.
  •  If you have long hair, you should put your hands up.
  • If you have short hair, you should make noise.
  • Fatman Scoop has no objections to hair weaves.
  • His black friends that like doggy-style intercourse and wish to have it casually have trouble letting him finish his questions.
  • Fatman Scoop’s hip hop friend from Black Sheep thinks that because he says it three times, that we can lift trains that weigh several tons.
  • Fatman Scoop would like the names of those who will be having sexual intercourse tonight.
  • You should stop playing but keep moving, simultaneously.
  • Females should sing-along, then males, and repeat a few times.
  • Fatman Scoop is visually-impaired.
  • If you’re a girlfriend, it’s your birthday.
  • This song has nothing to do with being faithful.

    That is all from me.