Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Secret to Better Sex is in your Christmas Tree

The mark of the Christmas season can mean only one thing: that 2010 is at its zenith. How do you sum up an entire year in words, not just personally but in a generality? It’s one thing to say a year was ‘good’ or ‘great’, but it’s another in knowing what you are truly describing, the year as a whole or just the last few months of festivities? Don’t be bias. How have you grown personally - emotionally, physically, spiritually? Have you digressed at all, is there an area that needs improvement or repair? Are you proud of the person you are entering the new year as, or are you potentially marring it with hang ups before it has even begun? How has the world treated us as a species, was it with kindness and compassion, or has it shaken us with cruelty, testing our mortality? Most of all, have you truly dissected the year so that you are able to accurately determine the thoughts that will run through your head and the feelings that will course through your body during that final countdown next week?

While the developed world poured billions of dollars into a Haiti further set-back by an earthquake in January, the US poured gallons of the world’s precious Veblen-good, oil, into the Mexican sea. The comedy world suffered the loss of parody-king, Leslie Nelson, however, the political-world gained an asset (to us, anyway), Julian Assange, who has evidently shaken fear in the golden slippers of the world’s leaders, perhaps putting an end to corruption and political sneakiness. Only last month did the same hopes and prayers that managed to pull thirty-three men from a caved-in Chilean mine fail to save the twenty-nine lives that were lost in a New Zealand mine. While all of this was happening, the world soon realised that Obama, apart from becoming the first black US president and reciting a litany of long-speeches, hasn’t really done anything, especially on the forefront of the forgotten heroes of 9/11 (Got proven wrong on that one, however, Obama continues to forget those heroes, who have remained abandoned for nine Christmases now). Like any year, we suffered some great losses, but that’s the beauty of a new year. In this festive season, many of us, I trust, have had the inclination to spend generously on our loved ones, but, today, spare a thought for the Haitians, and at that, any other under-developed country-people; for those living near the shores of the Mexican sea; for the families all the families who have fallen short a loved one in the last twelve months; for the less-fortunate; and for anybody else who might not be celebrating Christmas the way they would like to today. The spared thought does not need to be met with anguish; it just needs to be a moment of appreciation for what we do have, and what allows us to celebrate the way that we please, after all, that’s what Christmas is for.

So – global issues aside – the question remains: who am I entering the new year as? I’ve thought long and hard about this year, even before we even came close enough to graze the festive season. It’s been a year of growing. I feel that the person that lived last year died this year. He was bored, blind and bitter, but it was a building experience. The new year helped me shed a layer of dead skin that I had been clutching onto for such a long time. I was already rid of a drawn-out rocky-relationship that was hurting both me and the person I was with; then this year’s milestone-virginity was penetrated when I left a job that I didn’t like, and thusly was not liked at; that resignation only lead me into a year occupied by a small-time job that I enjoy doing and a course with people that I relished being around; I only recently rediscovered a romantic-presence which took me years to realise I’d misplaced; toxicity was disposed of; lost friendships were rekindled; and a minute number of new ones were made, more so than before. Need I even say that it has been a fantastic year on my side of things? The same way that twelve months ago I said goodbye to a painful streak of bad times, it was a year where I essentially laid the first brick of a path to a newer version of myself, I will enter 2011 with the emotional-equipment needed to lay that last brick and hopefully celebrate perpetuated friendships and some form of flourishing relationship by this time, next year – fingers crossed.

The thing is this - an entire year cannot be equally channelled into a word or even a single sentence; I didn’t even get it in nine-hundred of those words. My point in writing this is that there are questions we must ask ourselves in a week’s time. Have we paid the proper, non-partisan respect to every up and every down when giving a sum-up of an entire year our very best shot? Have we considered everything from this year and learnt from it enough to take that first baby-step into the next? If those questions are difficult ones or you dislike the answer – and I assume this will be the case for some - the time is now to get your house in order – use this next week to take a step back and take a look at your own personal 2010 portrait; is it a pretty one? If it isn’t, well, I suggest some basic photo editing software…and quick. Have a very Merry Christmas, guys, and, more importantly, a happy and a cathartic New Year.

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