Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Samsung are Idiots

A couple of weeks ago, in a rare occurrence, I watched regular television for a few hours and managed to catch a few viewings of a stupid Samsung commercial for a campaign of theirs called ‘Turn on Tomorrow’, in which Australia’s own Simon Baker became the ambassador for last year. From the title alone, it’s not a strain to imagine what this clip will entail before you’ve even watched it: a semi-conceptual, near-futuristic concept about the future and how their products will shape it - a platitude that every electronics company has to its name in some way, shape or form. This isn’t why I think Samsung are idiots though, watch for yourself and see if you can spot something that just doesn’t seem quite right in a commercial blabbering on about ‘tomorrow’:

Did you see it? Because aside from the Android phones, 3D televisions, internet tablets, internet capable digital cameras, clever fridges, automatic floor cleaners, device networks, you know what people are really on tenterhooks for in the future? Windows XP! It would seem that either everybody who worked on this advertisement, especially the marketing team, should be fired immediately or that Samsung actually think that an operation system which has been surpassed twofold and is four months shy of celebrating its tenth birthday is the future; idiots. I must admit, XP was certainly something Bill Gates can proudly put on his mantelpiece, but it is not ‘smarter’, nor is it ‘more efficient’ than, say, Windows 7 or Mac OS X, and certainly not something easy to screw up in a campaign which I am sure cost quite a bit of money; idiots. I guess the question that Baker should really have been asking was if tomorrow had already been delivered ten years ago?

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