Thursday, October 13, 2011

$1200 with a Rubber Band

When the screen on my flip phone ended up on one side of the room and the keypad was on the other, I knew that I wanted my next phone to be a high end smartphone, but now all I want is to stick what I ended up getting up HTC and Microsoft’s hind-ends. The story begins the day I grew irked of the very long and very exhausting line of mediocre handsets in my past. I figured that since I now had the money for a better one that the more I spent, the better quality product I'd get - sort of like a 'you get what you paid for' deal - well, when it comes to technology, it would seem that you don't get that deal. I didn't want a safe iPhone, so I ended up getting myself a dangerous HTC Touch Pro2 and danger I got. With the aid of my false logic, I spent more money on this phone than I did on the top of the line computer I bought midway this year. That computer has been nothing short of a dream, everything that I paid for, this phone, however,...well let’s just say I've had better experiences with a two-hundred dollar Nokia I bought eight years ago which sported Snake 2 and WAP internet. Honest to God, I've taken shits in my toilet that have performed a better service than this phone.

I'm loathed to mention this, but I think the onus is on Microsoft rather than HTC in the overall scheme of things. It's been about two years since I bought this phone that came stocked with Windows Mobile 6.1 and, I'll give it to you straight, I've seen better software on my microwave dial. Windows Mobile 6 is a little like Windows 98 - it was great in its time but has no place in this era of computing and, comparing it to everything else that was on the market at the time, it was basically extracted from Bill Gates' toilet; pure and simple. It should be mentioned to those that don't know that Windows Mobile was such a bad product in fact, that Microsoft literally hurled the brand and the entire underlying program code into the virtual trash, began new coding on a blank document and out popped Windows Phone 7. WP7 is essentially something that doesn't cost an arm and a thermos of horse semen to own and yet has a product quality commensurate to iOS and Android. But, more importantly, Windows Phone holds not only a candle to Windows Mobile, but a fucking cauldron, so much so that even Steve Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft, was on television chuckling at the very mention of the product, he even said elsewhere that Microsoft ‘screwed up’ Windows Mobile. Straight from the devil’s mouth.

However, for my handset in particular, Microsoft can't take the whole wrap for its disgrace. HTC as a whole shouldn’t have continued carrying a broken operating system in the first place! What’s more, they shouldn't have been producing phones that couldn't handle running the OS, better yet, Microsoft shouldn't have still been offering it to HTC and any other hardware manufacturers, for that matter. Nevertheless, what they did with Windows Phone was a great idea which was executed years too late. The very moment the first iPhone was announced, either Ballmer or Gates should've been on the phone closing the Windows Mobile department down to replace it with Windows Phone, but instead that ended up occurring years later. It was a strategic mistake and they all know it.

So, now I have the inevitable conundrum fueled by the very capitalist in me that started all of this: do I wait ‘til an Australian carrier offers a Windows Phone handset that I like into the limited market we have in this country - which at this point could be years, riskily obtain that handset unconventionally over the web – paid outright, or go with the answer to all my problems and just bite the forbidden fruit - an iPhone? The answer isn’t as obvious as it may seem, and with every day that passes, I only draw closer to the day where I make my decision and rid my pocket of a product that even Microsoft thinks is a fucking joke.

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