Monday, April 16, 2012

Last Post…like, ever!


…under this banner.

While shampooing my hair back in the horrible MySpace blog days, the above banner was conceived. I thought the name was great. It captured what my blog was about and it did it in a, albeit long, yet quirky way. To put it uncharacteristically short, it was an era of my writing.

The Modern Day Riff-Raff is now dead.

It has been a few years since this blog was born; a life spent bearing the weight of '' on its spine. The same way that the insipid MySpace blog rolled over into this one, that same sort of evolution is about to occur yet again. To say that the new title came to me before the domain name did would be a bold-faced lie, but I’m too shamelessly-honest for that. Firstly, needed to transform into something else, however, getting to that point where money would be dropped on a domain name that would replace it didn’t happen overnight. Removing the ‘blogspot’ sub-domain didn’t help with the length, nixing ‘the’ wasn’t an option because that’s simply not the blog’s name and acronyms are hideous. So if there were going to be any changes to the blog name itself, it was either going to be a total overhaul or nothing at all. So, I decided that The Modern Day Riff-Raff was going to be put to rest and, with it, this stock-standard layout needed to go as well.

Creating a new name took weeks of list-making, soon to be radically condensed down when domain availability was put into consideration. But in the very end – and this is where any impending magic withers away and dies - the list went into the trash and I spent a good few days having a play with a litany of different domain registrars.

This is where I landed on

Let me make one thing clear though, what’s about to come is purely a cosmetic-based change, not a content-based one. My life maybe at a different stage now, but not my cynicism - that lives on. On that note, it’s funny, the whole time I was writing to ‘The Modern- you know the rest, even when I was creating it, I had no clue why I was writing about what it is I write about. People would often read my blog and ask ‘Ryan, why do you blog?’, and I never quite knew how to answer it, not concisely anyway, but somewhere between registering, then forfeiting it, living in domain-name limbo, spending a dozen quatloos, pretending to know web-coding and eventually re-registering, I found the answer. To quote Bill Maher, ‘I’m angry because not enough people are angry.’ That just about sums it up. There are some angry people sure; some are too angry, often busy banning gay-marriage and bashing Muslims, but some is the standing word there. Too many people look at the world through the eyes of a child and it’s what they do best, but that gets nothing done. What there is too much of in the world is not hate, but people who just accept shit because somebody called it ‘normal’. What should be obvious to them, but clearly isn’t, is that when something that isn’t a particularly good thing has an abundance of people who look at it in the face and say ‘oh well’, it continues, it thrives even, sometimes growing larger as a result. Don’t accept. Don’t say ‘such is life’, such is not life. Same-sex marriage is life, but that’s not allowed, so such is not life. Cigarettes are essentially the opposite of life, but they are the furthest from contraband, so, evidently, such is not life.

So, that’s why I write, and that’s why The Modern Day Riff-Raff is set to live on under its new banner:

See you on the other side!

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