Thursday, May 24, 2012

Death of Hope

Some time ago, a friend of mine started a thread on the Facebook-machine asking people to fill out some surveys for a university assignment and I anonymously commend her, because she could not have found a more brainlessly inconsiderate crowd to assemble into a single place and ask.

So, in the interest of immortalising stupidity - a stupidity that is so powerful that people my age who can’t even use a website that bogans visit with ease, even after being told how to, would prefer to complain and be impolite about being in the conversation than to actually leave it – I present to you the highlights of said conversation, the proof that hope died a long time ago.

WARNING: not for the easily-frustrated and people with stupid-seeking missiles.

*I mean, seriously, this bitch was basically just whinging about her smartphone’s Facebook notification feature. Not our problem, you fuckin’ moron!

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