Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gaps are phat, iiiight!

Up until a couple of years ago, I could slide my tongue between my two front teeth like a string of floss. It was quite a sizeable gap, not that it ever worried me though. Naturally, it was quite a healthy-target for bullies but, fortunately for my sanity, not a very effective one. It wasn’t like my teeth were crooked or unhealthy to the eye; I just had what my orthodontist calls a ‘wide-jaw’, which meant that my teeth had more room to spread their legs, that’s all. Plus, to be frank, I’ve always thought of my eyes as an unrivalled asset, which I figured was a pretty sweet compromise considering that my eyes tend to be open a lot more than my mouth is (on most days). Ask any date I landed in high school, I’m sure they’ll tell you the same.

Despite the gaps size, whenever I would look at myself in the mirror, my teeth never really screamed out at me among things like pimples and hair, I just saw me and that was it. In fact, the only reason I got it fixed was because my mother made me; even she hated it! I actually thought it was pretty cool, I mean, I would watch ‘Jules’ from Pulp Fiction with his gap and he was such a bad motherfucker that he had it stitched on the front of his wallet! Even to this day, I don’t think that gaps in general are really as bad as everybody makes them out to be, but if you’re still not convinced, here are a handful of phat, black, bad motherfuckers who wear their gaps with fuckin’ pride and, yet, still get to take bitches to the candy shop:

Eddie Murphy

Samuel L. JacksonLawrence FishburneFiddySealCarl CoxBobby BrownThere's a bit of black in him...mostly in his name.Leo IhenachoLuther CambpellRudi LickwoodAnthony AndersonTego Calderon


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