Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Love Mike Tyson…Psych!

For some time now, I’ve had this throbbing god-like erection…of hate! A tasteless thing to say I know, but it’s okay here because I’m writing today to throw some thoughts your way about a human being (using that loosely) who doesn’t have a scintilla of taste in their body, and their name is Mike Tyson. That hate, however, isn’t nearly as monumental as the less than favourable feelings I hold toward his fans. You see, I only hate Mike Tyson the same way that I hate all violent rapists, but I hate people who celebrate people like that more, and that’s the problem, we are constantly celebrating and eulogising Tyson for his shenanigans, whether they’re the acts of a sick person or not. What? Are we light on rape? Or do we just see mental illness as a wealthy-source of chuckles? Forgive me, I’m confused.

stuLet’s talk about another rapist for a second, Ted Bundy. Personally, I would never have a beer with Ted Bundy or consider him anything more than an evil and reprehensible person, and from what I’m assuming, neither would you. So why would I treat Tyson’s appearance at Charlie Sheen’s Roast, in The Hangover movies (which directly celebrate his insanity) and in his upcoming show here as anything other than the revolting celebration of an evil and reprehensible bipolar and alleged manic depression sufferer whom had eight children to a rash of different women and, in his mid-twenties, was convicted of raping an eighteen year old girl in a hotel room. And the much larger question is: why would anybody else see it as anything else?

I’ve covered the glorification of arseholes in some detail already, so I’m trying to keep this short. The reason I refrained from mentioning Tyson back then was because I’ve been saving his impressive rap-sheet for a much, much rainier day. Now, in the midst of the Australian Government granting him a visa to enter this country and give inspirational speeches to…I don’t know, other sex offenders I suppose, that day is here I’m afraid.

So, when you consider the high-praise Tyson receives, a man whom is so vile that he even got one his prison guards pregnant whilst serving out his rape conviction, and then when you also take into account the swelling record sales a man (another loosely used term) receives even after he bashes Rihanna, and then the many others not unlike Tyson whom people basically worship, what’s the message that’s being sent to the rest of the world, that if a person’s famous enough then abhorrent crimes like rape and general brutality are okay? I don’t get it.

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