Saturday, January 12, 2013

Appetite for Destruction

So we already had the Run-D.M.C. fiasco and that was just horrible. Not only were people wearing Run-D.M.C. t shirts who probably thought that ‘DMC’ is a line of Adidas sport-wear, but they were even buying shirts that used the logo design, but said something else, once again, most likely without knowing that it was a play on the Run-D.M.C. logo. Well, without having time to recover from that one, which unfortunately isn’t exactly over, now we have a new fiasco: the Guns N’ Roses fiasco.

Like me...pleaseNow, Guns N’ Roses is an American rock band that rose to fame in the mid-80s. Let’s call this ‘exhibit A’. Then there is this grey ladies t-shirt, sometimes a singlet, which has the Guns N’ Roses logo on it. Let’s call this ‘exhibit B’.

Similar to the Run-D.M.C. fiasco, some clever ladies stores have somehow tricked their customers into wearing exhibit B without even being aware of the existence of exhibit A. Now look what we have, a bunch of chicks that look like they're fans of the Nicki Minajs of the world walking around posing as Guns N’ Roses fans. It’s chaos.

Look, I'm not a Guns N’ Roses fan by any means, nor do I know a great deal about them, so this really doesn’t mean as much to me as the Run-D.M.C. thing, but I don’t see why a little thing like that should get in the way of me catching out some morons in the act of being moronic. So for a while now I’ve been boning up on my Guns N’ Roses knowledge. Not too much to waste my time, but enough to at least seem like I'm a fan on the surface...and I'm going to trap 'em!

Kind of like the time that cop expressed to me how much he liked the Orange County Choppers because it was written on the windbreaker I was wearing and I had no clue what he was on about, next time I meet someone or serve someone at work and they're wearing that Guns N’ Roses shirt, I'm getting my fake fan boy pants and my fuckin' net! I'm going to ask them how much they liked Guns N’ Roses' debut album and if they think that the come-back album was shit too and how my uncle and I used to listen to them before he, you know...passed away (insert tears here)...and they gon' be trapped! I've even built up in my head faux-anticipation for their next album. That is of course unless I misjudge them and they are actually fans, then I better watch out I don’t perform what the experts call a ‘self-trap’. Needless to say, I’m dabbling in a dangerous business.

These idiots didn't know what they actually bought themselves when they bought those stupid shirts. A world of destruction!

C'mon!!!!!!! I'm begging you!

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