Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kristen Stewart is Actually Good

Ever since the success of the first Twilight film, I’ve heard Kristen Stewart cop more shit about her skillset as an actress than Biff Tannen. Up until recently, aside from Panic Room, I hadn’t really seen her in anything else to form my own opinion. So in a fit of unadulterated curiosity, I decided to knock out most of the titles I found listed on her IMDb page virtually back-to-back, and I’ve got'a say, I have no clue what everybody is on about. Once you dig a little deeper than Twilight and a lot of the other dumb shit people have been tricked into paying for, she’s pretty fucking good, especially when she’s teamed with a good director and a character that consists of more than two dimensions.

So, for those that are interested in actual films, here is a list of the ones I genuinely felt compliment Stewart’s thespianic-talents and prove her abilities as an actress, listed in order of my preference:

  • …hm.


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