Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Like my Books of Faces

You remember how those Foxconn workers burned to death in that factory that one time and everybody at Apple were too worried about losing their iPad stock to give a shit? Well here's a new burn for those that (unfortunately for them) survived: Foxconn and Google have made a deal to begin replacing their factory's human Foxconn workers with robotics and automation. Now I've read about ten of these articles and it needs to pointed out that these journalists don't seem to believe in the word 'replace'. The reason is probably because they don't want people to know that the very workers that are being replaced will most likely be the ones constructing the robots that will replace them. Of course, I'm only speculating, but I find that big ironic media-elephant to be some weird hybrid of hilarious and tragic.

But first, let's get the simple fact out of the way that Foxconn is a vile corporation, and big surprise, they're based in none other than one of the funniest countries: China! Everyday I lament about how difficult it is to live on the same planet as the people who run that company. I call them 'Foxcunnts' to make me feel better. Let me tell you a little something about Foxconn. Foxconn is hell. They should just rename it to 'Hell' so that iPhone users aren't duped into thinking that their devices are forged on angelic-clouds or whatever Apple fanboys think. Amazingly, Foxconn is where most of the world's electronics are whipped up. Apple. Microsoft. Nokia. HP. You name it.

Funny that I should mention whipping, because here's how bad this place is. This is the place where the prototype for the iPhone 4 went missing and later showed up in some bar. So utterly afraid was the dude responsible for losing the prototype that he decided that killing himself would be easier than facing these Foxcunnts. Suicide-talk a little icky for you? GOOD! Because this is the place that had sooooooo many workers leaping from the tops of their factories that they installed suicide-netting to prevent anymore from happening. Yeah! This place is so ghastly that people can't even wait 'til the end of their shift to off themselves! They even started making them sign anti-suicide agreements. I mean, in 2010 they had eighteen attempts; it basically rained bodies! And I just love how that was their answer - netting! Not 'Hey Foxcunnt #1, maybe there's something wrong here since we've had nine suicides in the span of three months?' You know how many coworkers of mine have killed themselves ever? Fuckin' zero!

Of course, there are all the other bells and whistles synonymous with slave-labour: long hours, no days off, minimal pay, all that shit.

And that's a normal day at the office. But when a new iPhone is coming out or whatever, Foxconn goes ape-shit.

Enough about shit you could just Google, and should. To add to all of the hardship, I'm willing to lay money down that the final legacy of these poor bastards before they are thrown out (probably literally) will be for them to build there replacements, and quite possibly die while doing so. While to us spoilt-westerners, we can just go and get a new job, the reason these people put up with all of this shit is because it's all they can get to put food on the table and not live outside. Many of them actually live in on-site dorms offered to the workers by the company, not because they are at all healthy to live in, but because they're free. By the way, didn't Satan show itself as a serpent and convince some people to take something else for free but then they felt like shit about it afterwards? An apple or something? Hm. And who makes iPhones again? Apple Inc.? I don't know about you but I'm seeing a bit of a connection here. But I digress. So if they lose these jobs, they also lose their homes (trying to work out if that's bad or good). So being made redundant I'd imagine would be not unlike a death-sentence. This would be the ultimate final emotional-assault - to make your employees build the things that will stop the money that they use to buy their food and the job that provides them a residence. Diabolical.

But you know, we all want faster mobile internet or whatever.

Mark my words. When a company of employees whose job it is to assemble electronics and the company then wants to replace them with electronics that don't need to be paid, don't need breaks and won't end up in the news when they die, then who better to get than those same people to assemble them for you. Genius. They also would never get the Yanks in to assemble them; evidently, they only like torturing their own people (and sometimes Indians). It's also such a shame that Google, one of the only companies not associated with those Foxcunnts, have now joined them to further their robotics division. That wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for Foxconn seeing this as an opportunity to put a bunch of impoverished people that they simple see as annoyances out on the street. It's kind of like Google and Foxconn are scratching each other's backs with the cold, dead fingers once attached to Foxconn's workers.

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