Monday, March 31, 2014

Not So Free Delivery

A few months ago after I had just moved in, I decided to try the local Chinese restaurant out and they instantly earned themselves a new enemy, purely based on the bullshit service that was on offer. I am that enemy.

This got me thinking about the constant fear in which I'd live if I ran any business that offers delivery. The thing is if you give bad customer service or piss a customer off, what's to stop them from just calling in fake delivery orders and sending you broke? There would be no way of telling which orders are real and which are fake. The customer has the status quo, which means you’re up shit-creek!

Sure, you could change the store number, but that's not a hasty thing. You first need to change store signage, reprint menus and communicate the new number to your existing customer-base. And let's be honest, even then, not everybody is going to get that memo, so you're going to feel it for a while.

So basically what I'm saying is, if you want great customer service, visit a pizza place, and if you want to be worried all the time, open a pizza place.

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