Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sense, Where app Though?

like the facebooksI haven't posted in a little while because I've been on hold with Centrelink and I think if I had to describe hypocrisy, I would say it has something to do with their iPhone app. It might have something to do with the Abbott government on television announcing cuts to pension, unemployment and family payments and yet they openly accept that the recipients of welfare own devices that cost twice as much as that same television! Say I had to describe logic, I would say it has something to do with cutting payments from whomever logs in to the hypocrisy app, wouldn't it? If saving money and making sense were any more mutually exclusive when it comes to the running of this department, you could call them my parents!

You see, we have two types of poor people in Australia: people who think that they're poor and people who actually are. Centrelink caters for the former group, but not because we need it, it's so we can maintain our shallow, bullshit lifestyles. Our Foxtel subscriptions, our Niccotine addictions, our Smurfberry's, our Friday night Tequila blackouts that stands between us and suicide. That shit. We are all like the Mother from Titanic and Centrelink is Kal, and we all want Kal-link to keep us from being seen wearing Kmart's Bangladesh rags and last month's smartphone.

What we don't understand is that there are no excuses for owning an iPhone while taking money that could be better spent by somebody worse off. That is of course unless you're eating your iPhone. I've heard it's a good source of iron, magnesium, greed, slavery. Or if somehow it's powering your house, or has a wool blanket stuffed inside it that shoots out like an airbag. But if you're sitting there playing that Kardashian game that teaches you how to be more like her and how to earn Assberries or whatever, then I'm sorry, you are not in need of welfare, nor are you hungry, or sick, except maybe with selfishness.

And of course, people will respond with thoughtlessly vomited sound-bites like "yeah, but people are given iPhones for free too y'know!" Which only reinforces how little we understand true-poverty. What we don't understand is that when a person needs to ask others for money, the time it would take for them to pawn a free iPhone into cash wouldn't actually be much time at all. That could be a suit for a job interview, a shower at a gym, meals for a few weeks, an arsenal of knives for the rising up and massacring of the higher classes which must be happening soon, I mean, hurry up already!

Now, I'm not saying people should throw there iPhone away if they're receiving money from the government. If you're entitled, then go get it, no matter the injustice. What I am saying is that we shouldn't be entitled, and we shouldn't have to be told this shit to realise, and our government are really the only ones with the power to reshape that attitude. How? By instead treating a Centrelink log in on an iPhone as a red flag that maybe the only bill this chick is having trouble with is her $60 Vodafone cap, not her electricity, or her water, or her Chrisco bill, or her hospital bill from that time she almost died from cancer years ago!

But no, Abbott would prefer to punish everybody like he's holding his dick in one hand and a machine gun in the other. Sort of the government-equivalent of punishing the whole classroom for the actions of one student. Well, I'm the kid who says to that little arsehole "Thanks a lot!" Abbott needs to get a grip and break some undeserving hearts to save breaking the many hearts that actually need this money.

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