Friday, May 29, 2015

The Time is Now

In my teens, I would always use my age as an excuse for the little I'd achieved and the lunch money pittance I had in the bank. I'd look at famous musicians, directors, writers, models I wanted to be with, and say "I've got time; I'm just too young." Well that line of bullshit has run its course! I'm 24, and the people I went to school with are now married to those models, both of whom have careers and the people on the television are my age, or had at least started by my age. It's time, and I'm petrified by the realisation!

You see, deep down inside lives a 12 year old...well, actually he's not even that deep; he's me. I still work casual, I'm still aimlessly building toward a vague idea of a career (in a dying industry, I might add), I'm still blogging, it takes me a millennia to grow facial hair, and whenever I see a model now, it's not their chest that gives me palpitations, it's their date of birth. They're no longer ten years older, sometimes they aren't even older at all! That's right, models are fucking younger than me!

But it's not about models, it's about wanting to do some good and no longer having an excuse not to do it. It's about taking responsibility for my own inaction and to stop blaming it on a false-technicality. I can no longer just sweep my aspirations under the bed like a teen would with a mess, because these things are attainable now; they're an arm's length away. I'm an adult, not some man-child. It's raining opportunities and this adult wants to get wet!

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